Create an application that turns JSON strings into C# code


There is no way to take a JSON string from your web service and create C# classes for use by Json.NET or the .NET Json Serializer. You can take XML with a schema and turn it into C# using "xsd.exe", but there is no love for JSON. This needs to change.
What is needed is an application that lets you paste in a JSON string, click a couple buttons and turn a few knobs, and get a bunch of C# classes you can then use for strongly-typed serialization. Ideally the output would be either for Json.NET or the "built-in" .NET Json serializer.
The best method would be to make this integrate right into visual studio somehow as an item template or something. Dunno how that might work though.
In short, xsd.exe for JSON and with a GUI.
Inspiration - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/x6c1kb0s.aspx